Standard Bathroom Size:

The standard size of a combined bathroom(bath area, WC, and sink) is 5 ft x 8 ft. The ceiling height should be decent so that anyone can stand suitably for shower bath. The ceiling height should be a minimum of 7 feet.

List of bathroom fittings with standard heights are discussed below.


Vanity:Depending upon the user, the height of vanity can be too high or too low. Although 36 inches is considered as standard height.


The height of showerhead or rain shower should be high enough to create a gentle flow of water without touching your head. Height of 6 feet to 6.5 feet is ideal. but this can be adjusted for shorter or taller person. Also, it must project the water far way so that you can stand underneath the shower without crouching. It is very important if you have shower                                                                  bench or shower tub.

Taps And Water Basins:

The height of taps and water basins should be decided considering easy access to every member of the family. The standard height of tap and basin is 3 feet.


Mirror is a must needed element in bathroom. The height of mirrors should be based on your height. The bottom part of the mirror should cover your shoulders. Typically 5.6 feet is considered ideal.


There is no standard height of shelves. It should be installed as per your suitability. Normally 3t to 4 ft height is typical.


The soapdish should be placed from the shower spray to avoid water collecting. I can be installed between heights of 44 to 54 inches.

Towel Ring:

The standard height of towel ring is between 50 to 52 inches from the floor.

Towel Rail:

The standard height of towel rail is 48 inches from the finished floor. However, it can be adjusted according to the user and type of bathroom.


The standard height of cabinet is 54 inch and it should not be placed above 6 feet. Your hand should easily reach the top of the cabinet.

Toilet Paper Holder:

The standard height of toilet paper holder is 26 inches from the floor with a distance of 12 inches from the rim.


Light Switch And Fixtures:

The minimum clearance of 5 feet should be given between light switch and water source. Hanging light must be fixed at least 8 feet height and 3 ft away from the bathing perimeter.

We have prepared a tabulated form of standard height of bathroom fittings listed below:

Bathroom Fittings Height Above Floor
Vanity 3 ft
Showerheads 6 ft to 6.5 ft
Taps & Water Basins 3 ft to 3.5 ft
Mirror 4.5 ft
Shelves 3 ft to 4 ft
Soapdish 44 inches to 54 inches
Towel Ring 50 inches to 52 inches
Towel Rail 48 inches
Cabinet 54 inches to 6 ft
Toilet paper holder 1 ft
Light Fixtures 8 ft